Are Electric and Hybrid Cars Vehicles of Future?

The planet is waiting a long time for electric cars. And finally it’s here in the market since few years.

Here’s a discussion about the types and benefits of electric cars and hybrid ones.

An electric car runs purely on batteries, having no petrol engine for backup. The Nissan Leaf is a famous electric car in the market.

Pros: powerful electric motor, better performance, lighter weight, more space, larger battery & longer running, cheaper than petrol, less polluting, privileged parking spaces in certain public areas.

A regular hybrid runs on an electric motor and/or a petrol motor as per the situations. The batteries charge while driving. Any journey in this vehicle requires both electric and petrol power. The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid.

Pros: needs no charging, cheaper, zero range anxiety, regular petrol engine gives it a feel like regular petrol car.

A plug-in hybrid is also famous as the “range-extending” electric car. It’s technically more like a fancy hybrid than a real EV (electric vehicle), but it works more like an EV than a regular hybrid. It all depends on how one uses the car. This one though has both petrol engine and batteries, but the petrol engine is only used to power the electric motor once the batteries are drained out. The petrol engine doesn’t directly run the wheels. The best of this type of cars are the Vauxhall Ampera/Chevrolet Volt twins.

Pros: best combo pack of performance & range with powerful electric motor and backup petrol engine, mostly journeys run on batteries i.e. cheaper than petrol, zero range anxiety, special parking lot in certain public places.

Which types of tours are ideal for EVs and Hybrids?

Short trips (less than 50 miles between charges) are ideal for full EVs. If you’re looking for a medium trip (50-100 miles between charges) or longer trips (100+ miles between charges), then fully electric cars aren’t suitable. Regular hybrids and plug-in hybrids, having backup petrol engine power, are better options in these cases.

Are EVs better for the Environment?

Electric cars look like less polluting than regular petrol cars. But it’s never “zero emissions” as claimed by the companies. Mostly electricity comes still from fossil fuel sources like coal and gas. So you’re still polluting the environment unless you use renewable sources like solar panels etc. to power your car. While making the car batteries, the process emits a lot of pollution.

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