Best Practices on Car Care for the Busy Single

Between work and school, it’s difficult to find time for any other responsibilities. Owning a car is a convenience, but it comes with an entire list of to-do items. Explore the best practices that you can employ as a busy single for that glossy car. It can look brand new in five years with a little effort.

Prioritize Engine Care

Reliable models seem to run forever, but they need their scheduled maintenance. Prioritize the engine’s care by trying an oil change service Brevard NC. Professionals replace the filter and engine oil so that clean lubrication reaches all of the internal parts. They check adjacent items too, including the other fluids, which gives your vehicle a small tuneup every 3,000 miles.

Take it Through the Wash

It’s easy to overlook the car’s exterior aesthetic when you’re a busy person. However, there are plenty of drive-through car washes that can make a difference in the paint job over the years. Ideally, wash the car at least once a month during mild weather. Wash it more frequently if it gets muddy, struck by road salt or rained on.

Wax the Surface Each Month

Waxing requires a strong arm and a little time on the weekend. Don’t overlook this task. The paint is quickly rejuvenated with a good buffing each month. Although a car doesn’t gain value over time, you can protect some of your investment with regular waxing.

Park Strategically

The car can look great each day by simply parking it in a strategic manner. Avoid parking under trees or near airports. Tree sap and pollution can break down the car’s paint job. Try to park under a carport or in a garage. Shelter will always keep the car clean and free from defects.

If you receive a recall notice in the mail, be sure to pay extra attention to it. Free services based on the manufacturer’s recommendations are normally included in this mailer. With your efforts coupled with the manufacturer’s assistance, your vehicle can go the distance as the years go by.

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