Some Important Auto Insurance Terms to Know

Are you looking forward to being indulged into the automobile business or own a car? Then you must know some important terms related to auto insurance. This way you’ll understand better your field of work and also it’ll be helpful to bring you success in your auto insurance policy.

Here’s a brief discussion on some important auto insurance terms that you must know while getting involved in this business.


The claim adjuster investigates and evaluates the claims brought into by the claimants for specific casualties. He’s the primarily responsible insurance company worker who verifies, settles down and finally carries out the claim payment, depending on the active insurance or coverage policy available on it.


When your property (car) is harmed and you face loss in an unplanned, unforeseen, uncontrolled and unintended incident, that’s called an accident. The carrier compensates the claimant on their claim. The claim depends on observation and the actual cash value of the car or the damaged items.


The actuary is a specialist to compute premiums and risks of insurance. They involve in the calculations of life expectancy, loss reserving and determining accident frequency. They also primarily help to make profits and ensure the financial stability of the carrier companies. They also take part to manage the carrier’s expenditure and to give claims to the clients on a specific basis. They help to balance both carrier and claimant so that none suffer unnecessary loss.

Accident Frequency:

This means how many times an accident occurred there. The actuary calculates the accident frequency to determine possible losses. Generally, it’s calculated during the time of your insurance policy. One should note, this phrase doesn’t indicate the real numbers of occurred accidents, but it’s a probable number of could be accidents that may occur as per the actuary’s calculation. One can accurately and properly pay premiums following this principle.


The estimated value of the insured one’s property is formally written on an appraisal. This document helps if in future any casualty results in loss of property. The adjuster of the insurance company or sometimes a vehicle repair expert can complete or replace the appraisal when it gets damaged eventually.

Some more important auto insurance terms are – Additional Insured, Agent, Agreed Price, Agreed Value and Assigned Risk Plan. If one knows about these basic but important auto insurance terms and quotes, then surely they’ll be the beneficiary side when the time comes.

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